Regular topics people ask us about Limitless Success and Personality Profiling

​Personality Profiling

What is Personality type profiling?

Do I have to pay to take the Personality test?

WEIRD! How do you know more about me than I know myself?

Limitless Success Programme

So... I still don't understand, what is Limitless Success?

You say Limitless Success will save me money. How is that possible?

What exactly is included in the Limitless Success programme?

I already know my type, should I still take the Limitless Success test?

Why is the pricing so good?

What are your billing T&Cs?  

Can I hear from other people who have been through the Limitless Success programme?

Cool!  I think I'm ready to go ahead, what do I do next?

Security, Payment and GDPR

Is Limitless Success PCI compliant?

Are you GDPR compliant?

How secure is the Limitless Success website?

I have a problem, how do I contact customer support?

Who is Alpha4All? 

Affiliates and Partners

I have my own website and would like to use your test on my site, am I allowed?

I would like to become an affiliate what do I do?  

Copyright and Disclaimer

Who owns the copyright of the Limitless Success test?

How credible are Personality type profiling tools?

Limitless Success Disclaimer



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